Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

Midnight Mind

hola peops!

whoa, its been a long time since my last post.. already 2010 now! you know i have been a very bad blogger, since i just abandoned this blog and made zero post :p i've been very busy lately, so i have no time figuring what would i post in this blog. and now i
ts weekend, in the middle of the night. i got bored and stuff so i decided it is time to post something here! well actually i haven't decide what should i write about, so i guess i'll just babble about stuff that is unimportant. sorry for anyone who read this (although im doubtful there's someone reading this crap, but me)

so. high school. so far, not great. far from great, because there's a lot of problem i have to deal with. and that sucks, big time.

and then, i figured that instead of whining and weeping how unpleasant my life is, its better that i try to change it and make my life better and happier :D
and i decided to watch Java Jazz Festival 2010! include the special show which is JOHN LEGEND and the cost is not cheap people, but i have to see it anyway because that made me happy (okay i know my life sounds seriously lame rite now..). lucky my mom bought me a ticket and i went to the concert with her woohoo thanks momma! i dont see much performer that night because i came kinda late and i directly went to the special show line to get the front row so i wont waste my money just to see people's head hahaha

John Legend was AWESOME!!!!!! he's such a good performer and a very talented singer! i think he will be a real legend, no doubt. thank god no waste for the money hahah. and to end the night, i saw a great show, which i kinda forgot the name of the band, if i don't make any mistake the name was
Live from Las Vegas with Ron King Big Band. it was rat pack music and this is what i've been longing to hear since whatever! i kinda love rat pack because it seems like its the most real music ever, i mean, the instruments, arrangement and vocals and stuff is just..perfect. and that band at Java Jazz, the las vegas thing also pulled out a wonderful show. at the end of the show everyone gave a standing ovation, including me and my mom. like they said, RAT PACK IS BACK!


okay i think that's it for now. i have many things to write in my mind, but if i continue right now this will be a very long post... so toodles for now and wish i can catch some times to write again! thanks to anyone who read this, and sorry for the lack of quality ;p

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