Rabu, 16 September 2009


I hate traffic jam in Jakarta!

I wish government will do something to decrease this madness......
and make more space for pedestrians, so we people in Jakarta can walk comfortably like other people already do in Singapore or America......
and please please please make more great city park in Jakarta! not only taman menteng, we really need this, especially for children, they need some place to play and to get into the nature other than in their backyard. We don't need more malls!

well, hope some government fellas read this post and make these come true. finger crossed :D


Selasa, 15 September 2009

New Obsession!

let me introduce you my new discovery:


he's a scottish singer/songwriter that is not only cute but also has a major talent in music industry. he got a really great voice and unique song. first time i heard his song on tv singing Coming up Easy (the video has a dancing bunny in it, LOL), i fell in love. i like his music, it just what i've been hearing in my head but never discovered who can delivered it the way i wanted. and now i found him!

maybe he's not new at all, or maybe everyone already familiar with him, but forgive me for my lack of music knowledge ;p the first thing i notice from him is his cool in a weird way voice, so the pretty face is a plus point haha. after i saw him on tv, i google and youtube his name, then watch some of his video. my personal favorite is Last Request.

here are some pictures of him, if you dont know what he's look like:

talking bout beautiful boys hahaha. try listen to his songs, maybe you will fall in love right away like me hehehe. well that's it for now,


Minggu, 13 September 2009

First Words


My name is Nadia Putri Prianti, some of friends call me Nape. It's sort of a nickname. Feel free to read these craps I'll wrote. I don't state the theme of this blog, so its not like this is a fashion blog, or something like that. I'll just write anything that came up in my mind. And Im Indonesian so English is my second language. I will write my posts sometimes in English, other times in Indonesian. I dont talk (or write) English fluently, please pardon me for any grammar/spell/any kind of that mistakes :)

Enjoy reading!